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3 Golden rules of logo design. Branding 101

Some logos capture our hearts and imagination, and some others don't feel right. Discover the secrets of great logo design in the following blog post.

Rule 1: Make it simple

In the modern day, we are bombarded by information and graphics like no generation before, resulting in a shorter attention span. Now at day, logos need to be simple and recognized quickly.

Minimal logos, fast to recognize and understand, are a must for companies to succeed in the smartphone era. The digital world is the arena, and attention is the main prize.

Rule 2: Make it appropriate

A logo is the face of the company. Appropriate doesn't mean descriptive; the logo should capture the vibe and feel of the company thru visual elements.

Rule 3: Make it unique and memorable

A good logo is unique and memorable. If it looks generic with an unoriginal concept, it is a bad logo.

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