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Opal Pets

Opal Pets is a pioneering pet nutrition company that provides vegan meals for dogs, allowing them to radiate their brightest and healthiest selves. Founded by Lindsay, who spent a decade working in the leading plant-based dog food company in the United States, Opal Pets is dedicated to revolutionizing the way dogs eat by offering fresh and wholesome meal options.

With vibrant and colorful branding, Opal Pets captures the essence of vitality and abundance. Their packaging and design elements feature organic illustrations that reflect their commitment to using natural, wholesome ingredients. A touch of gold is added to highlight the brand's premium quality, ensuring that every meal is crafted with the utmost care and dedication.
Opal Pets Box- Branding design by Yamski
Opal Pets Cards - Branding design by Yamski
Opal Pets Cookbook - Branding design by Yamski

"Working with Yamski has been amazing!

They created a logo and brand that completely exceeded my expectations and truly captured the look I had envisioned all along."

Lindsay, Founder

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